Published On: Tue, Mar 29th, 2016

Why human make effort to get ‘noticed’ constantly



The entire human wants self-importance. Every individual has longing to be noticed. An ideal state for our ego (ahamkara), the ‘I’ maker would be that of being ‘revered’ by others at all times but nothing could be worse for us than to go unnoticed.

William James, who is an American philosopher, stated that “No more fiendish punishment could be devised than that one should be turned loose in society and remain absolutely unnoticed.” In this way, we try to get noticed, by getting fancy hairdos and hair colors, tattoos and music. It is also said that some people make blasphemous statements that people notice them.

The elite also use different tactics from limited editions of gadgets, to private jets, beaches to infinite list but the goal is the same. They formulate new ways to keep penetration from the general public, who they consider the cattle class.

A lot of people resort to devious shenanigans to get noticed and the other dependent on their intrinsic ability that every one of us is bestowed with.

In the past, when the caste system dominated one’s determination or goal there were three ways to become a king, one was to be born one, second to become a hero and third one was to lead an army. The same it is today. People could be born into legacy or, by way of their talent; they could become a ‘hero’. To become a ‘hero’ needs discipline, hard work and insistence. With any talent people can welcome by men of destiny. It may look absurd, but these heroes only make effort to be the best they can be, the triumph is only a by-product.

Therefore, situation can just do a lot, favorable or unfavorable; finally the option to achieve something and to be a hero rests with us. As humans, we look each other in accord with our position in the world and there is adequate space for all of us to make that position.

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Sidra Muntaha

- Sidra Tul Muntaha is a journalist (MA-Mass Communication and M.Phil in Mass Communication) based in Lahore. She is working as an editor at fashion, style and entertainment in the section of the Kooza. She writes fashion and entertainment articles for The Kooza News.

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