Published On: Mon, Mar 28th, 2016

Why Pakistan is suffering


In previous 10 years, we have seen a sequence of floods that affected areas of Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) every so often, making disastrous damages to buildings, property and therefore, economy. After that, there were famines for much of rural Sindh and a cruel heat wave previous year.

Presently, floods, droughts and their administration are pricing the government approximately $1 billion indirectly every year.

One can ask, that regardless of taking on the supposed ‘sustainable practices’ to diminish carbon footprint, why are these evaluations entirely useless when it comes to altering climate patterns?

The respond to this query is elucidated by the ‘Gaian theory’ i.e. these catastrophic harms occur because of shortage of nature conservation and steady damage of countryside.

Nowadays, the worldwide global warming has turn an actual and larger peril contrasted to that of the nuclear globe conflict.

Initially in the history, now we observe ice-free water at the poles in summer because of increasing melting of glaciers in Greenland. It is sure that the accurate effects of this global warming fact shall be extreme bad than the scientific rational forecasts, which have been unnoticed by hampering bureaucrats for the achievement of filthy politics.

To worsen the affairs, our model asset is no more the green capital: a main chunk of ‘greenfields’ approximately Margalla hills have been ‘brown-ified.’

The Gaian creature has had self-controlled global temperature, atmospheric substance, ocean salinity, and further aspects in an “automatic” manner for millions of years but currently the interference from man has arrived at a spot that this response system is on the edge of a rupture.

The need for radical policy reforms

The facet of ambiguity prevails in the government’s assistance, as discovered in our national climate / environment policy.

It is because of this thought of directive that numerous ventures pass the examination of acquiescence by holding a faulty survey connected to biodiversity practices.

This also echoes government situation that all preservation regions are of slightest significance and the temporary socio-economic action is favored more than the long-term advantages of nature conservation.

Our conservation policies illustrates, any progress which consequence in the worsening of greenbelts should be declined save in the most ‘exceptional circumstances’.

Though we observe steady infringements and clearing of Margalla greenbelts in Islamabad, not to declare further metropolises. Mature trees are linked with a few of the field borders and a quantity of the trees approximately Margalla hills have been illustrated to sustain a precious terrestrial invertebrate collection.

Though, as predicted, the government has no consideration for its own self-made policies and employs diplomatic ways to diverge from the rules for example citing ‘exceptional circumstances’. The founding drifts to influence the instructions in these functions by employing a ‘fluffy language.’

This displays a truly dark image in the chapter of nature conservation.

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