Published On: Wed, Jun 15th, 2016

Why women has long life than men



It is surprising but factual that women live longer as compared to men.

Researchers Steven Austad and Kathleen Fischer of the University of Alabama discovered this puzzle in their most recent standpoint piece. “Humans are the mere species in which one sex is recognized to have a ubiquitous survival advantage,” the researchers mark in their analysis coating a huge number of species.

They continued that “Indeed, the sex difference in longevity may be one of the most robust features of human biology,” Although further species, from roundworms and fruit, flies to a spectrum of mammals, illustrate lifespan disparities that can favor one sex in particular research studies, opposing studies with diverse diets, mating patterns or environmental states frequently flip that benefit to the other sex.

With humans, though, it seems to be all females all the time. Austad further stated that “We don’t know why women live longer. It’s amazing that it hasn’t become a stronger focus of research in human biology,”

One of the proofs of the lengthy lifespan for women involves ‘The Human Mortality Database’, which has the entire lifespan tables for men and women from 38 countries that return to the extent that 1751 for Sweden and 1816 for France. Yet again, longer female endurance anticipation is witnessed crosswise the lifespan, at the beginning of life (birth to five years old) and at age 50. It is as well witnessed at the conclusion of life, where Gerontology Research Group data for the oldest of the old illustrate that women make up 90 percent of the super centenarians, those who survive to 110 years of age or longer.

Long life can narrate to immune system disparities, reactions to oxidative stress, mitochondrial fitness or even the truth that men have one X chromosome (and one Y), whereas women possess two X chromosomes. However, the female benefit has a thorn. Austad and Fischer stated that “One of the most puzzling aspects of human sex difference biology,” they further added that “something that has no known equivalent in other species, is that for all their robustness relative to men in terms of survival, women on average appear to be in poorer health than men through adult life.”

This elevated occurrence of physical restraints in afterward life is witnessed not just in Western societies, they added, however also for women in Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Thailand, and Tunisia. However, this is only one of numerous reasonable hypotheses for the anonymity of why women live longer, on average than men.

This research study has been presented in Cell Metabolism.


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