Published On: Fri, Feb 26th, 2016

Why workers don’t give their best at work


Sometimes it happens that your team doesn’t give their best at work and you just blame them for their laziness but instead of blaming them, first check your strict or Hitler-like attitude.

A research study conducted by researchers from the University College London and colleagues said that when someone provides us an order, we really feel less responsible for our actions. The research study stated that “Many good people get convinced to do something bad that they are unwilling to do because they actually feel less responsible for their own actions and painful consequences,”

To find out this, the research team required answering this query by evaluating a phenomenon called ‘sense of agency’. They evaluated ‘sense of agency’ to discover alteration in opinion when someone conveyed a meek electric shock to another person, either on orders or by their own choice. When the contributors selected liberally, they were persuaded by the guarantee of a little fiscal increase. They also recognized accurately what sort of damage they were imposed because duos of participants dealt places with each other.

Force directed to a little but vital enhancement in the supposed time gap amid action and outcome in contrast to states in which participants liberally selected to impose the similar troubles, the study discovered. Fascinatingly, the force also lessens the neural proceeding of the outcomes of one’s own deed.

The study asserts of decreased responsibility under a force that could certainly communicate to a transformation in essential feelings of responsibility, not only endeavors to shun social punishment. Patrick Haggard from University College London stated that “Maybe some basic feeling of responsibility really is reduced when we are coerced into doing something,”

People frequently assert decreased responsibility because they were “only obeying orders”. Haggard noted in the paper cited in the Cell Press journal Current Biology that “But are they just saying that to avoid punishment or do orders really change the basic experience of responsibility?”

As you experience a sense of agency, you feel responsible for a result, you practice alterations in the practice of time where what you perform and the result you make look nearer collectively.

Haggard further told that “Fortunately for society, there have always been some people who stand up to coercion,”

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