Published On: Mon, Sep 12th, 2016

Woman shocked as Indian restaurant won’t allow her driver because of his clothes


The staff first took objection to his clothes and alleged that he was drunk on further questioning.

For long India has been seen globally as a nation on the road to progress as education and economic progress are touted as major factors driving development. But with that, economic disparity also seems to be increasing, as the divide between rich and poor grows.

But the divide isn’t only concerned with income but also has manifests itself in the attitude of certain sections in society towards people from other strata. This is something that has been seen several times where people seen as coming from a poor background are denied service at “upscale” spaces.

While people in India have a problem with VIP racism in several public spaces and racism towards Indians in other countries, an incident from a restaurant in Kolkata only sheds light on the hypocrisy in society.

When a woman named Dilashi Hemnani was on a trip to Kolkata, she was touched and impressed by the service of Manish bhaiya who was driving her around the city for days, and this is why she decided to treat him on her visit to a restaurant called Mocambo at Park Street.

But soon she was shocked to find out that the staff won’t let her enter since she was with Manish and the conversation went from the staff giving Manish’s clothes as excuse to audaciously alleging that he was drunk.

Dilashi narrated the unnerving incident of the staff’s unapologetically racist approach in a Facebook post, which has been shared thousands of times since.

The incident comes as a shock also as it occurred in a city where Mother Teresa dedicated her life to helping the less fortunate without any discrimination and is revered by locals for the same.

The incident has also triggered a wave of posts against the restaurant with locals vowing to never visit the place.

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