Published On: Fri, Apr 29th, 2016

World’s smallest thermometer made by DNA



The science is making developments day by day with more and more investigations. Now researchers have composed a programmable DNA thermometer that is 20,000 times smaller than a tress of human hair.

This scientific progression, which is published in the journal Nano Letters, may considerably help our understanding of natural and human-designed nanotechnologies by facilitating measuring of temperature at a nanoscale.

More than 60 years in the past, researchers found that the DNA molecules that possess our genetic information can open out when heated.

Alexis Vallee-Belisle, who is the senior author of the research study from the University of Montreal in Canada, stated that “In recent years, biochemists also discovered that biomolecules such as proteins or RNA — a molecule similar to DNA — are employed as nanothermometers in living organisms and report temperature variation by folding or unfolding,”

Vallee-Belisle continued by saying that “Inspired by those natural nanothermometers — which are typically 20,000 times smaller than human hair — we have created various DNA structures that can fold and unfold at specifically defined temperatures,”

The one chief benefit of employing DNA to engineer molecular thermometers is that DNA chemistry is comparatively easy and programmable.

The researchers consider that these nanoscale thermometers unlock a lot of enthusing locations in the developing field of nanotechnology, and can even assist us to understand more molecular biology.

Vallee-Belisle further added that “There are still many unanswered questions in biology,” Vallee-Belisle continued by pointing out that “For example; we know that the temperature inside the human body is maintained at 37 ° Celsius, but we have no idea whether there is a large temperature variation at the nanoscale inside each individual cell,”

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