Published On: Fri, Aug 21st, 2015

Would You Believe! Man Walks In On His Own Funeral


DOUMA: Anyone who can take active participation in his own funeral ? Surely the answer of this stupid question will be in negative but it actually happened for a Syrian man who walked in in his own funeral.

1894Mohammad Rayhan, a resident of Douma city near Damascus, was believed to be dead after the heavy bombing by the government forces on a market place where he went.

When more than a day after the shelling took place and Rayhan’s did not came back, his family presumed that he must have died under the rubble and announced for his funeral prayer in absentia.

syrian-rubble-man-2But after being stuck for 36 hours under rubble, everyone shocked watching him coming when his relatives and friends were about to offer his funeral prayer.

With his head and beard was fully covered by dust of the rubble, he just managed to reach ‘in time’ and changed the air of mourning into the moments of joy.

Rayhan’s family members were delighted after finding him alive and credit goes to him who interrupted in his ‘final moments’.


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