Published On: Wed, Jul 13th, 2016

Writers in Pakistan hasn’t much credit



Apparently Pakistani entertainment industry is packed with new actors, musicians, movies and television plays; Suraj Baba pursues a rather exclusive approach. The on the rise filmmaker, screenwriter states that triumph in the Pakistani amusement sphere cannot be featured exclusively to screen faces. In its place, Suraj considers that the credit puts someplace else.

He told that “Whenever we produced a good film in Lollywood, it was on account of good writing by Nasir Adeeb, Pervaiz Kalim, and the likes. I think it’s very unfortunate that in our country, writers are still fighting for recognition, even though without a script, there can be no film at all,” he further stated that “In India and other countries, people respect the writers. Here, we spend millions on films but are reluctant to pay a good amount for a good story. There is already a dearth of good writers in Pakistan. If we do not promote the ones that are there already, this ‘revival’ everyone speaks of may not be too fruitful in the long run.”

Suraj is presently waiting for the release of his first directorial venture Adhoora – a romantic, musical love triangle that as well drops light on main societal problems. The movie is at present in the post-production process. Though, he impecunious for currency and in require of a support to set the movie out there. He said “Adhoora is a big-budget project that has been shot in Lahore and across the northern areas of Pakistan, with advanced film technology to cater to modern demands,” he revealed that “I have written the script for it myself as this will be my very first directorial venture,” Suraj has formerly written movie for Pakistani filmmaker Sangeeta’s Tum Hi To Ho and actor-director Noor Bukhari’s Ishq Positive.

On the other hand, Suraj’s career as a scriptwriter as well brags of telefilms for example Saima Alone, Nanha Sa DilHaye Bichara TipuPiano Girl andLove You Qasam Se, together with plays such as Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain. He as well penned the lyrics for a track titled Kuri Patakha, which was characterized on Adnan Sami Khan’s album Press Play. But regardless of his qualifications, luck hasn’t supported him ever since Adhoora was accomplished. Nevertheless, he stays confident somewhat will work out for his movie. He said that “Adhoora will be the first film from the Lahori platform to compete at an international level. I am hopeful to get some sponsors and maybe, release it during the month of August,” Adhoora’s musical score has been section jointly by Ahsan Naseer and it characterizes seasoned singers such as Faraz Nayer and Sanwal Khan. The movie has fresh faces for example Hammad Iftikhar, Suzain Khan, Muddasir Jamshaid, Momina Batool, Jalal Haider and even senior artist Laila Zubairi.

He further stated that “The industry has indeed turned over a new leaf but the impression that this new generation of actors is responsible for it is rather wrong,” he continued “We still have plenty of old faces in the new films. I myself had the opportunity to cast some veteran actors in my upcoming film but it so happened that the subject and story demanded a younger feel. There was a need to promote new talent here,”


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