Published On: Tue, Mar 8th, 2016

Yalghaar is delaying time and again



Pakistani most anticipated Hassan Waqas Rana’s Yalghaar is facing plethora of troubles and delaying time and again. It was first scheduled to release in December 2015.

Rana shared in an interview that albeit the film was on-course for a timely release but he planned to re-shoot some scenes which effected in the shooting procedure for Yalghaar becoming longer than predicted.

Primarily aspiring for a film loaded with much visual effects, Rana shooting kept that final consequence in mind prior to changing his plan after that. He elaborated that “I changed my mind because when I saw the rough cut, I wasn’t too pleased with it and so I thought of doing some re-shoots,”

By the Pakistani movie industry where it hasn’t a lot of standards in the genre, Rana accepted that the movie was stick to have some complexities provided that this was the first time a project of this stature is being undertaken. He further continued that “Even Apocalypse Now had its own set of problems. Here things are happening a little differently as this is the first time something on such a grand scale is happening in the country,”

The director further stated that “Later on, we had different filming equipment, including a Letus exoskeleton Gimbal, which offered the camera more pay-load thus making our shots more dynamic,”

Whereas it will take time to persuade the cast and crew to join the sets again, it ultimately added to the rescheduling, as he stated, “I am working with an ensemble cast and getting them back together once they finished their scenes was very difficult. Most of them had moved on to other projects so lining up their schedules was an issue.”

The post-production of Yalghaar persists to occur on a slow spead, Rana shared that principal photography for Waar 2 is too going to happen in London in the impending few months. He added that “We aim to shoot scenes of the film in London with actors Bilal Ashraf and Shaan Shahid,”

Rana is not just working on Yalghaar and Waar 2 but the Waar writer and producer also stated that he is working on a superhero film. The untitled venture is yet in the pre-production and designing phase and is being written by Rana and Ashraf.

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