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Yasir Jaswal, set to release next film


Jalaibee cast

2015 is the year of “Revival of Pakistani cinema”. A good number of motion pictures is releasing in one calendar year which is giving weight age to the Pakistani entertainment industry.

A lot of film-makers have worked for the revival and one of them is Yasir Jaswal who made crime-caper, Jalaibee. Though the venture went on to receive whirling analysis on both sides of the scale, it played rationally well at the box office.

Fascinatingly, it didn’t take much time for Yasir to go on to the next project. Reluctant to reveal a lot of details, Yasir stated in an interview that he has approximately accomplished writing the narrative, whereas the scripting procedure is scheduled to start in July. Though, he prepares on devolving the reins of writing the narrative to someone else. He commented that “I don’t want to give out the genre so early on. But what I can tell you is that it is going to be unlike the stuff that audiences saw in Jalaibee,” he further added, “It’ll be something completely different.”

Yasir shared that “We’ve had meetings and discussions with several producers in Bangkok and London. We just want to get an idea about whether the sequences that we have in mind can be executed or not,” The unnamed film will state Yasir’s second directorial venture.

Yasir’s verdict to not write the script might have stalked from his earlier spell in directing and writing Jalaibee. Regardless of being admired for its visual treatment, the film magnetized a lot of heat for its lack of an appropriate story. However, explaining his first movie as a “crash course in film-making” the director stated that he learnt much from working on the movie. He stated that “Prior to Jalaibee I had no experience working in films. So basically, I was just implementing what I had learnt from my time making advertisements and music videos,”

Regardless of sundry reactions to Jalaibee, there was no lack of offers impending Yasir’s way. “People approached me with scripts for comedies and romantic movies but I was adamant on doing my own thing.” He added.

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It was inquired that whether fans of the Jaswal brothers can suppose him to cooperate with his younger siblings, Umair and Uzair, for the imminent venture, the director answered as it was yet before time to state anything. He replied “It is great that both of their acting and singing careers are on the rise but I wouldn’t cast them just for the sake of it,” he continued by saying that “When I collaborated with them on Jalaibee I gave it a hard thought because I remember Uzair didn’t want to make his acting debut with such a minor role but I requested him to do so, and he agreed. On the other hand, I took Umair’s song [Jee Raha] because it bonded well with our movie’s soundtrack.”


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