Published On: Thu, Jun 23rd, 2016

Yoga can make a good father


Yoga can make a good father

Everyone wants to be look fit according to every aspect whether it is physical heath or mantle health. The fitness is not specified to the age and gender also. Sometimes it is considered that fitness just apply to the one who are healthy or weight conscious and specifically to the women but not much people know that yoga can improve your mantel health.

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Recent research study suggests that yoga can make a man good father. Yeah it is good news for the children. The three-year study with 14 different groups of male prisoners took place at Chelan County Regional Jail in Wenatchee, Washington. The programme was advertised among the jail population. Volunteers, who were parents of young children and passed a security screening, were employed.

The researcher Jennifer Crawford from Washington State University said to the prisoners that “We would have a class on a particular topic, like child development or setting limits,” she further illustrated that “That would last about an hour, and then a yoga instructor would come in and give a guided yoga class,”

The findings of the study concluded that the convicted have the wakefulness and an approval of their susceptibility and receptiveness with children.

The initiative was taken by the centering exercise which was guided by the trainer, then taught simple sequences that focused on standing poses; complex poses were prohibited because of health issues.

The prisoners that were outside the class were asked to script down about their life incidents and upbringing to the habits they correspond with their children.

Crawford concluded that “I believe the yoga exercise assisted contributors become ready to learn and increased their willingness to try new ideas, absorb new information and begin to apply these in their lives,



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