Published On: Fri, Feb 19th, 2016

You are going to need a Giant to fill Giant’s shoes


Race for Calgary Greenway Bi-election is on.


Manmeet Bhullar



When we talk about Calgary greenway constituency one cannot ignore the fact that we have had a wonderful human being represented this constituency, Mr. Manmeet Bhular MLA, he died on November 23, 2015 in road accident helping a motorist who had an accident, while he was getting out of this car to help the occupant of that vehicle he was struck by another vehicle and left Calgary mourning his loss, it is indeed a great loss to his constituency and above all to his family.

Now we are hearing that bi election is going to take place very soon.

Alberta liberal party is first one to announce their nomination to elect their candidate for Calgary Greenway. Nomination will take place February 29, 2016.


So far two very strong liberal Candidates came into light, Mr. Khalil Karbani and Ms. Saima Jamal. I must say both of these individual carry a strong credentials and resume fits for the job. Both of these candidates have long list of volunteer work in this constituency, Khalil Karabani Served as board of director in Taradale Community Association while Ms. Saima Jamal is lately seen setting up Syrian refugees in Taradale, both of these individual carry immense energy and courage to talk about issues which concerns the constituency. Their resume is so long it is going take me long time to write. So I leave this with you that any one of them would make a great MLA for Calgary Green way and it would make Late Mr. Manmeet Bhular very happy if he can see this, that things he have left behind these individual would carry his torch and complete his work.



Khalil Karbani.

> President of TARADALE COMMUNTY Association from 2006 to present.

>Genesis centre Vice President 2006 To 2013

> Volunteer Fitness Instructor YMCA Calgary

>Past President Al Hadaya Islamic Centre.





Saima Jamal

Saima Jamal is a community organizer as well as a Calgary based peace and justice advocate who works passionately in improving the world by working for human rights, conflict transformation, interfaith, political activism, gender issues, humanitarian aid, climate justice, food justice, social justice, educational initiatives and issues of compassion. Saima is well-known in Calgary for be the founding member of the Syrian Refugee Support Group Calgary.


There are is rumour that Alberta Wild Rose and progressive conservative party might merge before this election.
Currently this seat is held by PC party and PC would want keep this seat if there is no merger Wild Rose party there are four Candidates which will contest the PC party Nomination.

1. Dan Sidhu
2. Jamie Lal
3. Prabhdeep Singh
4. Tushar Yadav

PC party nomination will be held on February 27th 2016.

Interestingly Mr. Jamie Lal was denied nomination is the last election by PC party for unexplained reasons although Mr. Jamie Lal is well known name in PC party of Alberta his denial to participate in the election came a shock to Albertans.
Mr. Dan Sidhu is well known Business man also known in the Calgary political arena he hosts a very popular weekly radio talk show Mr. Prabhdeep Singh and Mr. Tushar Yadav are also known in the community but much information is not available at this time.

Various rumours are coming for the wild rose and NDP Candidate but nothing has been confirmed as we go along I will keep you up dated. In the last Election Mr. Davinder Toor from Wild Rose Party came in the race at the very last minute and in short time he managed to secure a handsome number of votes.
I believe this election was never anticipated as Mr. Bhullar was doing great job and it would have been almost impossible to capture this seat.
His absence made this is very interesting bi election and with Wild rose taking foothills bi Election seat you cannot bet.

But for sure

you are going need a Giant To fill Giant’s shoes, people close
Mr. Manmeet Bhular use to call him a friendly Giant

You know what they say “Muqabala Takar Ka Hay “



This was written by Mr. Burhan Khan. 

Burhan Khan is CEO and chief editor of
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