Published On: Wed, Jul 1st, 2015

You Can Build Muscles Without Going Gym



If you want to build muscles, we can help you with that. We know its really hard to get some time off in your daily routine for a workout at gym, its very difficult in almost every phase of life whether you are in student-life or in practical-life. If you want to be a regular customer at gym than you must be professional body-builder and for sake of fitness you have to do some sacrifice. But if you want to save your money and time and to build muscles without going gym then you can take our advise.


But first you have to promise us that you will give us your great commitment, first of all you have to buy some workout stuff for your exercise at home. You will buy a exercise mat, dumbbell set and running shoes I’m pretty much sure that you might have a sitting chair at home.

The exercises you will perform are as follows:

1) The first and most basic exercise to build muscles is to perform push-ups and pull-ups, you have to perform both of these exercises with different moves and different angles. In order to workout for your different body parts and muscles, start these exercises with few reps and sets and increase the number of reps and sets day-by-day.


2) You will need a chair for this exercise, sit on a chair and put your both on the edge of the chair under your legs. Extend your legs and slide down your lower body part from the chair, but your hands must remain in the same state. And now with the strength of your hands you will move your body up and down from the chair slowly slowly.

3) Now you have to use the dumbbells to perform this exercise, dumbbells are very important to build your muscles of biceps and triceps. You just have to exercise sets of curls and flys.


4) This is the exercise where your workout mat will be used, you just have to lie down and perform some crunches to build your lower body muscles.

5) Now you have to hold a dumbbell in your both hands and perform different sets of squats and lunges to develop your abdominal muscles.

6) Another basic exercise to make your body lean and fat free is running, you bought new running shoes now make them useful and start running on daily basis to burn your calories it will help your body to get toned up.


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