Published On: Fri, Apr 29th, 2016

You can delete text from another’s phone


A moment must have come in our life when we all regret sending a text to anyone and want that there must be a way that can delete the text which has been sent. But don’t worry, now there is a way by which you can delete a message from somebody’s phone prior to they read it.

Dr. Isaac Datikashvili has made an app, Privates, which permits you to evoke messages later than hitting the ‘send’ button. But it merely works prior to the recipient unlocks the message.

The app permits consumers to choose from three stages of security – mild, wild and insane – which removes the message (so long as it’s unread) later than three, 12, 24 hours.

Telegraph has stated that the app as well stops the recipient of a message from taking a screenshot of it, and from sending or leaking unauthorized copies of messages.

Dr. Datikashvili at first made the app keeping medical record transferring in mind. He stated that “I’m very honest about that but it’s better than anything else at maintaining privacy. It’s not impossible but it’s virtually impossible for one person to screen grab or save anything if the security setting is high.”

Dr. Datikashvili continued by saying that “We originally were going to call it ‘Private’ or ‘Keep Your Messaging Private’ and we didn’t really think about what it meant when we added the ‘s’. It’s only when someone mentioned the double-meaning of privates that we realized.”

There is as well an appealing optional function which confines the recipient’s response when they see the sent message.

Presently, Privates is just obtainable on Apple’s iOS, by Windows and Android versions are anticipated to be on their way.

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