Published On: Tue, May 10th, 2016

You can eat nail polish



The fashion industry is developing day by day. New fashion trends are emerging with the lapse of time and booming the industry. The trends for nails seems very minute but it is essential and buzzing the whole fashion.

Nail polish which is fit for human consumption and tastes like chicken debuts in Hong Kong recently.

From nail paint to nail sprays and wash-off nail paints, the nail fashion industry is with a bang. But be calm for the most recent supplies from this ever-developing industry and it is the edible nail paint. Yeah, a fast-food chain has become with their mark fried chicken-flavored nail polish and they have started it in Hong Kong. The nail polishes emerge in two colors, one is hot and spicy red and the other is bare with original taste. The lustrous nail paints aspire at attracting the juvenile users who have the love for food and fashion.

Both of the nail polishes are made of safe to eat components, spices in starch put with vegetable gum thus that they attach to the nails for as a minimum a day. While the polishes have no stabilizers, every batch end just for five days, and have to be chilled all through. Moreover, the bottle is just for single employ.
Though the nail polishes are just for sample till yet, they are taking votes in Hong Kong on what flavor should hit the markets.
Neela Bopaiah, who is the nail expert, stated that “This world is getting crazier by the day. I wonder what is next! While the edible polish does sound fun, I think it is simply inelegant and unhealthy to lick your fingers,”
Though, safe to eat nail polish has been in the marketplaces before in flavorless flavors for example barley grass, sour carrot, and beetroot, objectives at juvenile kids who can’t stop biting their nails.

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