Published On: Mon, Apr 25th, 2016

You Will Hate RGV After You Read His Prediction About SRK! Read Out!



RGV has got a new way for making potboilers, but this time it is on Twitter ad not on big screen. This filmmaker who loves getting into controversies with celebrities has started off again and this time, his target is SRK. He has stated that SRK would be losing his stardom to Sallu and this resulted into another controversy. This all started with just a tweet about King Khan, which hinted at FAN, his recent movie. Ram Gopal Verma stated that he would be facing the same situation as Kamal did to Rajnikanth.



Gaurav Chandna (Shah Rukh Khan) is a middle class Delhi boy, who is a look alike and die-hard fan of Bollywood superstar Aryan Khanna (also Shah Rukh Khan). When Gaurav wins a contest in a local festival by imitating Aryan, he decides to go meet the star on the latter’s birthday. On reaching Mumbai, Gaurav witnesses thousands of fans gathered outside Aryan’s home, making it difficult to reach him. Later, a fellow actor Sid Kapoor gives a harsh statement against Aryan in the media, which angers Gaurav. He gatecrashes Sid’s shoot, assaults him and forces him to apologise to Aryan on camera. The video goes viral, leaving Aryan alarmed. Expecting Aryan’s praise , Gaurav sends a message to him, taking full responsibility of the incident, but Aryan considers it a “crime”. He informs the police to arrest Gaurav, who rough him up. Later, Aryan berates and warns him that he has committed a crime. Heartbroken, Gaurav burns down Aryan’s posters and decides to take revenge by discrediting him.

A year later, Aryan is in London, and Gaurav follows him there. He enters Madame Tussauds museum disguised as Aryan and creates a havoc. Aryan is arrested, but manages to get bail. While he is on his way to Dubrovnik to perform at a billionaire’s wedding, Gaurav calls Aryan, asking him to apologize in public for his misbehavior, threatening to destroy his stardom. Aryan refuses, and Gaurav sneaks into the wedding and molests a female guest, again disguised as Aryan. On being evicted from the wedding, Aryan pursues Gaurav, who manages to escape. The events result in a smear campaign against Aryan resulting in mass boycott of his shows. Aryan announces in a press conference that an impostor is behind all the activities.

Back in India, Gaurav enters Aryan’s house posing as him again and abuses Aryan’s wife. Angered, Aryan asks Gaurav to meet him at a local fest the following evening seeking help from Gaurav’s love interest Neha (Shriya Pilgaonkar). In the festival, Aryan disguises as Gaurav, and proposes to Neha, before confessing his crimes. Gaurav, witnessing this, is provoked and tries to shoot him, missing. Aryan gives chase to Gaurav and a skirmish ensues with Aryan managing to subdue him. He asks Gaurav to stop and create his own identity instead of being “Jr. Aryan Khanna.” However, Gaurav blames Aryan for destroying his life and jumps to his death.

Aryan’s name is cleared from the controversies, although he is still haunted by the ordeal.

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