Published On: Wed, Jul 13th, 2016

‘You’re dying': Girl cries seeing her sister bleed during her …..


A three-year-old girl was too young to understand what all a fully grown woman goes through and was brought to tears when she saw her sister bleeding.

The girl broke down into tears after following her sister into the bathroom. She thought that her period was an indication that she was dying.

Meeiah Tolentino, 16, from Alaska filmed her sister Rain crying. The little girl walked in on her while she was menstruating in the washroom. Without even knowing what menstrual cycle is, she started crying and burst into tears.

In the clip, Rain is crying very hard because she is very concerned about Meeiah’s health.

“Why are you crying?” Meeiah asks her in the video and Rain sobbingly responds, “’Because you’re bleeding.”

Rain points out the origin from where Meeiah was bleeding and when asked what does she think is going to happen, she admits her greatest fear.

“You’re dying!” she sobs.

The video was shared on Twitter and has been retweeted over 85,000 times and many people also shared the similar things that has happened with them when they were young.

“My baby sister responded like this when she saw me on my period,” one Notchitl wrote on Twitter. ‘Poor little babies.’

A woman named Rebecca wrote, “This happened with my little sister and she tried to call an ambulance.”

One person named ‘Mayo’ shared that the first time she got her period she thought she was going to ‘bleed to dead’ and cried.

One person also noted that it is no wonder that Rain broke down in tears.

Spencer Kaley commented, “She things her big sis is bleeding out and dying from her vag… I would be scared too.”

However, Meeiah admitted that her sister is “dramatic” and got over whatever she saw within few minutes.

“I even let her pretend to be a doctor and fix me up. Two minutes after the video she totally forgot what of happened and went [back] to her normal, happy, self,” she told Buzzfeed.

Meeiah also explained that she actually recorded the video for her family and had no idea tht it would go viral when she posted it to Twitter for fun.

“My parents are very surprised that she’s all over the place … But they thought it was funny, and now they’re treating my little sister like she’s a superstar,” she admitted.

‘It’s just surprising to everyone that the video went viral.’

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